Site Construction

At Doss Enterprises, we have over two decades of experience in site development for energy companies. Some of our projects have included building well pads, compressor pads, access roads, and fresh water impoundments. We also have experience in site construction and installation of utilities for commercial retail facilities.

The One Stop Shop.

Doss Enterprises prides its self with being a leader in the industry offering our customers a one stop shop to all their site construction needs. When Doss Enterprises takes on a project, our dirt moving experts will devise a plan to ensure we meet every need of your project. Our experience includes tackling every phase of the project including, but not limited to:

  • E & S Control
  • Clearing and grubbing trees
  • Stripping top soil
  • Mass excavation
  • Blasting material
  • Rock crushing
  • Fine grading using tremble grade control
  • Site drainage
  • Seeding and mulching
  • In addition to the services provided, we also maintain coordination with all government agencies to ensure compliance.
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